Screw oil compressors

Serie L30-L50

Screw oil compressors, series L, are made in a span of 2-250 kW with work pressure of 7.5, 10 or 13 bars. These kind of compressors have high work features, reliability and small costs of building and maintenance.

Series L30 to L50 is based on modular design. This is how it's achieved maximal flexibility which succeeds any request, speaking of costs. It can be combined with compressor of integrated dryer or innovative SR-drive with adjustable number of spins. The flow of compressed air can be precisely regulated, so it can be constantly setup according to your changeable requests. In that way, energy is spent as much as it's really needed.

For any further questions, contact the company UNI COMP.TRADE d.o.o. from Smederevo.

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