Screw oil free compressors

  • Vijcani bezuljni kompresori
  • Mehanizam vijcanih bezuljnih kompresora

Screw oil-free compressors are produced for the consumers that need a hundred percent clean, oil-free, compressed air. Mostly, they are used in food industry, where the oil in the compressed air mustn't make contact with the products.

The mechanism is next: the compressor has an innovative compressed element with one screw, with one worm screw which prongs with a pair of sealed rings that have 11 sprockets (see picture). The compression of air is done in two ventricles above and below the main rotor. The load on bearings are small and balanced, which extends their work lifetime and additionally reduces operational costs.

In compressive element we add water that cools, lubricates and seals. Because of that, compressor works on low temperatures, electric energy cost is small, and efficiency is on high level.

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